My name is Cally and I have always loved writing and reading.

I was born on a Greek island Lesvos.

My Mother and Father and two brothers and myself migrated to Australia in 1952.

My life has been both wonderful and tumultuous.

Currently, I am employed as a drug and alcohol and gambling counsellor.

Previously I was employed as Registered Nurse in a variety of nursing areas including:

community health, acute surgical and medical, drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation nursing,

program development and as an academic.

My PhD is titled Nurses Drug and Alcohol Use and Dependence: Creating Understanding (University Melbourne.)

I have written two books- The Accidental Gambler (fiction)

and Calel – Memoir of a Greek Mother (Non fiction)

I am currently writing a third book titled October Footsteps.

Both my books are available on Amazon Kindle.

You can also find my books on my website   callyberryman.com